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Change is Good...

Hey guys, I hope you are having a great day! As I write this it is Friday and I am feeling great! Ready for the weekend, even though I work weekends too, lol! Some changes are happening to the appearance of Deanna Paul Photography and some things are staying the same. Today I will be unveiling a new website with a new logo. Only the appearance of my brand is changing. It will have a new clean, simple, fresh and modern look that I think better represents my style of photography. Prices are staying the same until next year when I will be making some adjustments. If you are thinking about booking a session this year or early next year book now for current pricing. My studio and my love for my clients and photography remains the same. I will always focus on you and giving you the best customer service and photo session experience that I can.

Over the next week my website and all social media platforms will be updated with the new logo and branding style. Thank you so much and I hope you stick with me! I appreciate you and your business! Much love and have a great weekend!

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