"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

-Karl Lagerfeld

Cake Smash Sessions

   Turning one is a big milestone! A cake smash session is a fun way to celebrate this very special birthday!

   I recommend cake smash sessions take place in the studio. At the start of your session I like to take a few photos of your little one in their cake smash outfit with your cake smash set up. That way we get just a few pictures before the cake comes out and the mess happens. Then he/she can stay in their outfit depending on the outfit, or a diaper with a cover works for the smash part of the session. I have some diaper covers and tutus available if you don't have one. Regular jeans and pants can work great for boys and a tutu with a onesie or diaper cover is cute for girls. I have some outfits in the studio or you can also find cute cake smash and 1st birthday outfits on or Let's discuss to make sure we have the outfit covered!

   When planning your session we will talk about the theme and colors for the session. Do you want balloons and decorations, or do you want a simple smash set up with just your baby, balloons and cake? If you want to go with a themed cake smash we will work together to make sure we get everything needed for an adorable cake smash session. If you don't have a theme in mind you can pick three colors and I will get the decor such as balloons, tissue balls and sometimes I can add a banner or other decor, but again we will chat to make sure I've got what you want. For simple cake smash sessions it's just balloons and cake in your choice of colors. We will discuss the cake if you would like me to provide the cake and cake topper, a simple cake and topper is included with your cake smash session. You may also bring your own cake if you wish. I do have a few tips though if you bring your own cake. Chocolate or white cake works great, please avoid red cake. Also avoid red frosting, lots of dye especially red can look scary all over your baby's face. Brown frosting can look like poop so that's not preferred. Butter cream or fluffy frosting works best. I don't recommend fondant on the cake since it's hard for little ones to eat and get into. Sprinkles are great as long as they are small enough for your baby to eat. Extra decorations and hard round candies are not a good idea since they are a choking hazard. Please make sure it's all safe for your baby to eat.

Please call, email, or use my inquiry form to learn more about cake smash sessions.

session fees
Cake Smash
Digital Collection 1

-1 hour in the studio (studio is preferred but can be outside if you wish)

-includes all of your finished digital files with printing rights, usually 40-60 images

-may be themed with props, props and cake included


Cake Smash
Digital Collection 2

-1 hour in the studio (studio is preferred but can be outside if you wish)

-includes 20  finished digital files with printing rights

-simple cake smash includes cake and balloons


Cake Smash Gallery

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Please contact me if you have any questions about cake smash sessions.