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   I'm thrilled that you have hired me as your newborn photographer! I'm excited about your session! I also know how stressful it can be preparing for a photo session. My job is to help prepare you and make you feel at ease so you can enjoy your session; as well as producing the best pictures for you and your family to enjoy. My goal with this welcome page is to say hello and to provide you with enough information to be helpful, but not overwhelming.


   It takes approximately one to three days to process and deliver your soft proof gallery. After you select your favorite images I will then finish them and deliver your final download gallery within 14 days, but often much sooner.



   I will speak with you about your newborn session details. Together we will plan what colors, props and poses you would like for your baby's newborn session. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind for a successful session.



Make sure the baby has a full tummy and bring milk. We will have time for feeding and soothing as needed.


Bring him/her in something that is easy to remove so if possible we don't wake the baby when removing clothes. During colder months you can layer on blankets to keep the baby warm.


Bring a pacifier if you use one, bring anything that is soothing for him/her.


Bring diapers, wipes and extra clothes.

If you have booked a Simple Newborn Session please bring a plain white onsie that fits well, snug is better than too loose.


If a sibling is coming, please bring something to keep them busy. For newborn sessions with family and siblings I usually take the family and sibling photos first and then finish up with the baby for the second half of the session. Sometimes parents like to bring two cars that way the older sibling doesn't have to stay for the entire session. This works well for children 5 and under. A couple of hours is a long time to sit still for a little one. 


Please let me know if you have any special requests, such as a certain pose you want or something you want included in the photos so I can prepare for your session accordingly.


Bring any special props or outfits you want photographed. If you don't have any that's perfectly okay. I have everything needed for the session including props and outfits. When you arrive let me know if you have something special you would like to include.


Relax and be patient, we will be on the baby's terms.





 Most parent images are taken from the waist up (for posed sessions); please wear something comfortable for you, such as yoga pants, leggings, jeans or a flowy dress, (a long flowy dress usually works best) I have some that you can use if needed! Dad can wear jeans, pants or even shorts. For some sessions, especially when small children are involved part of your pants/bottom half may show so please keep that in mind. For men, a simple fitted henley, polo or T-shirt in light grey, white, beige, light blue or any other light solid color works great! Neutral colors are best, but if you would like to add some color, soft colors, such as light blue and pink are nice. Stick with solid colors and no distracting graphics. Mom can wear a dress, or a fitted or flowy shirt in the same color as Dad or a similar/complimentary color keeping in mind the same basic colors such as white, light grey, nude, and beige. I also have fabric wraps and gowns that work for some poses with mom and baby as well. These are all just suggestions and of course you can wear whatever you would like. Some moms prefer a flowy shirt or something a little more fancy which can be great too! I prefer light colors for fresh light images, but it is your photo session so please feel free to wear what your heart desires! 

If you have booked a Simple Newborn Session, your legs may be photographed so a dress for mom and pants for Dad are best. I will be using the lifestyle daybed for most of the parent and sibling images so please keep that in mind.

   For siblings, please keep in mind that the entire outfit may be photographed during either type of newborn session. Outfit options for children can be endless so please let me know if you have questions about the sibling(s) outfit(s).

I do not offer retakes. Please consider clothing, hair and makeup before hand. Try on clothing before your session day so you have time to make changes if needed. Avoid see thru shirts, bra showing etc. I cannot fix that in post production. Sleeveless shirts and dresses often show bra straps so I have found that dresses and shirts with sleeves work best (flowy, flutter type sleeves are great). Also, heavily wrinkled clothes cannot be fixed in post, wear fabric that is not super wrinkled. I can fix some wrinkles, but a shirt that looks like it's been crumbled up in a drawer is not going to be corrected in Photoshop.


   You can always run outfit options by me by texting me photos to 916-254-8722. Please remember your clothing choice is important, but more importantly I will focus on the connection that you have with your baby and family. Let me know if you have any questions regarding what to wear in advance. I'm always happy to help!

   For Mom, I know it can be super hard if not impossible to take care of yourself at this time. Please try to take a little time making yourself feel good, whether that is putting on make-up and/or doing your hair and spending just a little extra time on you. You may not feel photogenic right now, but you will not regret getting into these photos with your baby and family. I'm here to get rid of those dark circles, hormonal acne, and lessen any wrinkles if needed. Please let me know if you have any specific concerns. All purchased photos get professional retouching.


I want you to relax and enjoy the session. I may ask for your help if needed, but for the most part you can just relax.

I always put your baby's safety first. Therefore, there are certain poses I don't do because I don't feel that they are safe and/or natural for the baby. Please let me know if you have your heart set on a certain pose.


Your baby may fuss some, I will do my best to soothe and calm him/her as needed. I will not push your baby to do anything he/she doesn't want to do. Keep in mind that if you are calm and relaxed your baby will be too. I am always patient and gentle with your precious little one.


Please also keep in mind that I will not rush through your session. Expect to be in the studio for 2-4 hours depending on your session collection. It takes time and patience to pose a newborn baby. Often the baby will need breaks for feeding, changing and soothing.

I will reschedule a newborn session if I am sick or anyone in my home is sick. Sessions should also be rescheduled if anyone in your home is ill.

As always, please feel free to voice any concerns and/or ask me questions.


   Thank you for choosing professional custom photography, it's a gift that will last a lifetime. Moments captured of you and your family are priceless memories. Your family is growing, and you want to remember each age and stage of life. Quality photographic products serve as reminders of your precious memories and also serve as beautiful artwork in your home. Your photographs are sure to be treasured for generations to come.

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